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Field performance of embryogenic cell suspension-derived banana plants (Musa 'AAA', cv. 'Grande naine')

Côte F.X., Folliot M., Domergue R., Dubois C.. 2000. Euphytica, 112 : p. 245-251.

Growth and yield characteristics of two different clones of banana plants (Musa ¿AAA' cv. ¿Grande naine') originating from four months old embryogenic cell suspensions were studied. These characteristics were compared with those plants produced by the conventional in vitro budding multiplication method. Two types of variants were observed during the acclimatization phase among 500 embryogenic cell suspension derived plants. The first type related to banana plants with 'variegated or deformed leaves' were also observed in in vitro budding derived plants. The second type concerned 'fasciated-leaféd' plants. During the field growth, these two variant types produced plants morphologically similar to the other plants. Thus, none of the cell suspension derived plants exhibited off-type traits in the field. A Fisher block model was used to compare the field performances of the two clones produced through the two in vitro propagation techniques.The analysis of variance showed that there were no significant differences between the plants produced by either micropropagation techniques for the plant height and circumference, the length of the reference leaf, the number of nodal clusters of the inflorescence and of fruits, the bunch weight, the period of time between planting and flowering, and between planting and harvesting. This study showed that banana plants with an agronomical behaviour similar to those produced by the conventional in vitro budding method could be regenerated from embryogenic cell suspension. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : composante de rendement; croissance; micropropagation; variant; technique de culture; embryogénèse somatique; variation somaclonale; expérimentation au champ; musa

Thématique : Culture des plantes; Multiplication végétative des plantes

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