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Scaling and integration of high frequency and high resolution data : characterization of the slash-and-burn tropical deforestation process

Imbernon J., Izac A.M., Bégué A.. 1996. Nairobi : ICRAF, 16 p..

The project "Alternatives to Slash and Burn" 1 (ASB) has been created to conduct a research and development strategy that provides viable alternatives to slash and bum agriculture on a worldwide basis. A prerequisite to the successful development and transfer of viable alternative systems to slash and bum agriculture by ASB is the characterization and diagnosis of existing slash and bum land-use systems. The programme 'characterization and diagnosis' of ASB has a remote-sensing component in which is integrated the present VEGETATION proposal. The announced objectives of this proposal were ... to characterize tropical deforestation at different spatial scales on three regions of the equatorial area - Brazil (Rondonia/Acre), Indonesia (Sumatra), and Cameroon (Congo rainforest) - in order to identify the extrapolation domains of the ASB research sites, and the common characteristics and differences across sites to develop a typology of slash and burn environments. To study this process at different spatial scales, satellite data from N0AA-AVHRR, SPOT-HRV and LANDSAT-TM are utilized. This project is based on the development of new procedures for handling and analysis of multispectral, multitemporal and multiscale data acquired by VEGETATION.
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