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CGRNAP Project. Evaluation of selected coconut cultivars planted in farmers' fields in Vanuatu, July 1st 1994 - July 31st 1997. Phase I - Terminal report. Coconut genetic resources network for Asia and the Pacific Region (CGRNAP-Phase I)

Labouisse J.P., Buletare G.. 1997. Santo : VARTC, 30 p..

The performances of 3 types of coconut improved cultivars (improved Vanuatu Tall, hybrid Vanuatu Red Dwarf x Vanuatu Tall, hybrid Vanuatu Tall x Rennell Tall) have been evaluated in 23 observation plots on the islands of Santo, Mallicolo, Banks, Epi and Efate (10 locations). Some preliminary works has carried out to determine a method for evaluation of yield (sampling, nut counting, evaluation of copra per nut, natural nut felling). The results sow tha t the hybrid VRD x VTT has a better precocity, a smoller size of the nuts but a higher yield due to an higher nimber nuts compared to improved Vanuatu Tall. But the farmers' opinion are divided on the interest of planting this hybrid and they espress some concern about the quality of the nut, the longevity and duration of high-yielding period. The good performances of the hybrid Vanuatu Tall Rennell Tall (observed in one plot) must be confirmed using a wider sample. This hybrid is well appreciate by the farmers. The national coconut germplasm is presented as well as the works implemented during the project period and the data gathered and submitted to the CGRD.

Mots-clés : cocos nucifera; germplasm; hybride; essai de variété; rendement des cultures; performance de culture; expérimentation au champ; vanuatu

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