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Cassava root quality and the effect of preharvest pruning on quality aspects

Van Oischot Q., Dufour D., O'Brien G., Lamers H.A.J.M.. 1996. Cali : CIAT, 40 p..

The first part of this review consists of an overview of different quality aspects of cassava as a food. Attention is paid to eating quality, which requires subjective assessment, as well as objectively determinable aspects. One of the major constraints upon cassava is its rapid perishability. Post-harvest physiological deterioration is still a recognized problem. Its is known that pruning the aerial part of the plant some weeks before harvest retards physiological deterioration. The second part of this study consists of a review of the published results on the effect of pruning treatment on different quality aspects

Mots-clés : manioc; produit alimentaire; qualité; dégradation; aptitude à la conservation; composition globale; propriété physicochimique; gélification; taille; manihot esculenta

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