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Oil palm

Jacquemard J.C., Baudouin L., Berthaud A., De Franqueville H., Graille J., Huguenot R., Mariau D., Noël J.M., Quencez P., Tailliez B.. 1998. London : MacMillan, 144 p.. (The Tropical Agriculturalist).

Oil palm is an invaluable guide for anyone involved in any aspect of oil palm cultivation or exploitation, whether at village level or on an industrial scale. The text is clearly presented and well illustrated with diagrams and photographs throughout. The book covers oil palm distribution and the factors necessary for successful production as well as the important varieties of oil palm and techniques for genetic improvement. All aspects of cultivation are clearly presented from seed selection through harvesting. Advice is given on inputs, including fertiliser, equipement and labour requirements. Processing methods are fully described, as are the very many uses and health benefits of the valuable palm and palm kernel oils and their by-products. Information on oil palm pests and diseases including symptoms, means of prevention and possible treatments, is presented in an easy-to-read tabular section. Colour photographs aid the identification of pests and diseases.

Mots-clés : elaeis guineensis; huile de palme; huile de palmiste; produit; sous-produit; botanique; pratique culturale; conduite de la culture; pépinière; plantation; multiplication des plantes; maladie des plantes; ravageur des plantes; traitement; contrôle de qualité; utilisation; santé; huilerie