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Protected crops of vegetables in tropical conditions

Langlais C.. 1997. In : IIHLD. Crop production in tropical conditions = [La production des cultures en conditions tropicales]. Havana : IIHLD, 15 p.. Scientific Meeting : Crop Production in Tropical Conditions, 1997-11-24/1997-11-29, Havana (Cuba).

In tropical countries, rains are very intensive and heavy during a long period. Vegetables crops are very sensible to these rains and the result is a low production of vegetable during the all rainy season. The effects of these rains cari be overcamed by protecting the crops with shelters covered with plastic film. But under these plastic film the temperature is increasing and can become harmfull for the crops. In Martinique, the protected crops start to develop in the early 1980th. Researchs have been conducted since 1985 up to now : the results of these researchs are presented in designing the shelter, choosing the plastic film and choosing the vegetable varieties which will fit to these particular climat.

Mots-clés : protection des plantes; matériel de protection des plantes; climat tropical; abri plastique; film plastique; martinique; france

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