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Valorizacion de los cultivos de raices y tuberculos andinos : oportunidades de nuevos mercados en relacion con las propiedades funcionales de los almidones

Dufour D., Ruales J., Hurtado J.J.. 1997. In : Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco; CICA; Associacion ARARIWA. IX Congreso internacional de cultivos andinos = [IXème Congrès internationale des cultures andines]. Lima : CICA, p. 1-22. Congreso Internacional de Cultivos Andinos. 9, 1997-04-22/1997-04-25, Cusco (Pérou).

Starches from several different Colombian native root and tuber sources have been studied (Queensland Arrowroot, Ullucu, Arracacha, Mashua, Oca). The starches were submitted to acid conditions (pH 2.4) and extremes of temperature (2 hours of sterilisation at 121°C; freezing at - 20°C). The syneresis and viscosity of the gels obtained have been compared with those obtained from commonly-used natives starches such as maize, waxy maize, rice, potato, and Cassava and modified starches. Queensland Arrowroot starches manifested greater heat-stability than maize starch. Mashua and arracacha starch gels appeared to be the two most resistant to freezing among the 6 root and tuber sources tested. Arracacha and Cassava starches gave no indication of syneresis and their viscosity ivas unaffected under acid conditions, even after more than eight weeks of storage. This study has shown the great potential of certain root and tuber starches in their native form, to respond to the demands of industry for resistance to certain physical stresses. Cassava, arracacha, yam and Queensland arrowroot starches appear to be capable of satisfying some of these demands. The investigation of the physical properties of native starches helps identify neiv market opportunities for certain roots and tubers, and should encourage renewed interest in their cultivation.

Mots-clés : légume racine; tubercule; composition chimique; utilisation; marché; secteur agroindustriel; colombie

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