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Le chauffage ohmique : innovation industrielle pour le traitement UHT des produits particulaires

Pain J.P., Dornier M., Baudez P.. 1995. Industries Alimentaires et Agricoles (6) : p. 405-410.

Ohmic heating of food productions has been applied industrally on several sites, which balance may be interesting to consider regarding both product quality and process economy. It is volumetric, which means that heat is directly produced into the product and not, as conventionally, transfered through a surface. It is therefore an exceptionnally efficient means to sterilize food particulates at ultra high temperature. To help european processors to test this new technology or to create new products, a pilot plant of ohmic heating is now available in Northern France.

Mots-clés : produit alimentaire; traitement thermique; stérilisation thermique; qualité; france

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