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Spatial price formation in the Indonesian archipelago

Lançon F., Kustiari R.. 1997. In : Anon. A tool for measuring policy impact in rural areas : the Multilevel Analysis Tool for Agriculture (MATA) = [Un outil pour mesurer l'impact des politiques dans les zones rurales : un outil d'analyse multi-niveaux pour l'agriculture (MATA)]. Bogor : CGPRT, p. 31-40. CGPRT Centre and CIRAD Seminar, 1997-03-25/1997-03-27, Bangkok (Thaïlande).

This contribution concerns the interregional relations in the archipelago in trade in food crops. Its looks specifically at the behaviour of prices in an attempt to tackle the risks in trade, accompanying the strengthening of interregional markets, or, in one word, market integration

Mots-clés : formation des prix; politique des prix; politique économique; riz; maïs; soja; arachide; manioc; production; consommation; offre; demande; java; sumatra; indonésie

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