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Grassland N fertilization in humid tropics : production, organic matter decomposition and uptake

Mandret G., Blanfort V.. 1997. In : Anon. Proceedings of the XVIIIth international grassland congress = [Actes du XVIIIe congrès international sur les herbages]. s.l. : s.n., p. 1-3. International Grassland Congress. 18, 1997-06-08/1997-06-19, Winnipeg (Canada).

Under tropical humid conditions at low altitudes in La Reunion island an experiment was conducted in 1995 to examine the effects of mineral and organic N fertilisation on regrowth of Chloris gayana. Mineral fertilisation stimulates the production of leaves for the first 20 days of regrowth. Dry master production was increased of 181 % with the combination of manure plus ammonium nitrate and only 147 % with ammonium nitrate alone. The soil microbial biomass activity, measured after 50 days of regrowth, was increased of 31 % by application of manure, 41 % by ammonium nitrate and 50 % by manure + ammonium nitrate. With organic fertilisation the uptake of N is more important in leaves than in stems.

Mots-clés : chloris gayana; fertilisation; engrais minéral; engrais organique; repousse; biomasse; réunion; france

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