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In vitro shoot apex micrografting of mature Acacia mangium

Monteuuis O.. 1996. AgroForestry Systems, 34 (2) : p. 213-217.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00148163

Prospects for in vitro micrografting shoot apices of masure Acacia mangium trees were investigated with the use of 432 micrografts. Overal1 success rates of 51.5% were obtained for shoot apices ranging from 200 to 400 um in length, and a short basai wedge of underlying tissues top-grafted in aseptic conditions onto 2-to-3-month-old in vitro grown Acacia mangium seedlings. The successfully established micrografts displayed, however, substantiel variability in terms of further scion elongation as 41% of these micrografts, or 21.2% only of the total amount of the micrografts performed, had resumed growth two months after micrografting. The elongated scions exhibited different types of morphology, ranging from juvenile-like type composed leaves to the predominant mature-like phyllode morphology. Side-grafting, a more difficult procedure to perform than top-grafting, or placing the micrografts for 2 weeks in darkness after grafting, did not improve the scores. Moreover, attempts to micrograft meristems (150 200 um) resulted in 5% success only.

Mots-clés : acacia mangium; greffage; vitroplant; multiplication végétative; anatomie végétale; viabilité; asie du sud-est

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