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Coconut Genetic Resources Network for Asia and the Pacific region, CGRNAP, phase 2. First semi-annual technical progress and financial report. Project: Collecting, evaluation and characterisation of coconut genetic resources in Vanuatu

Labouisse J.P., Buletare G.. 1998. In : ADB-COGENT Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October, 28-30, 1998. s.l. : s.n., 13 p.. ADB-COGENT meeting, 1998-10-28/1998-10-30, Kuala Lumpur (Malaisie).

The main purpose of the project is the evaluation of the genetic diversity of the populations of local Tall by rigorous prospection all over Vanuatu. It is a priority for the national breeding programme in order to provide improved planting material for the farmers. Between May and August 1998, 5 populations of Vanuatu Tall were described and nut samples were collected and transferred to VARTC nursery. In addition, 7 exotic Tall varieties were rejuvenated by hand pollination method. Observations were carried on in national germplasm and the data submitted to CGRD database.

Mots-clés : cocos nucifera; collection; banque de gènes; conservation du matériel génétique; variation génétique; variété; collecte de semences; amélioration des plantes; projet de recherche; prospection; vanuatu; cocotier grand; cocotier nain

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