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The effect of moisture content on the optical mass of cotton beards

Bragg C.K., Wessinger J.D., Gourlot J.P.. 1998. In : Dugger P. (ed.), Richter D. (ed.). 1998 proceedings beltwide cotton conferences. Memphis : NCCA, p. 1599-1599. Beltwide Cotton Conferences, 1998-01-05/1998-01-09, San Diego (Etats-Unis).

Fibrograms were obtained for cotton beards used in HVI testing after conditioning the beards in two different relative humidity environments, 30% and 65%, where the temperature was controlled to a nominal 70 degrees F. The differences in optical mass measurements for the fibrograms were negligibly small and close to the resolution of the optical system of the instrument. >From these results it was concluded that the optical measurements used as indirect indicators of mass for HVI strength measurements are relatively invariant to moisture content. A summary of the discussion and results for this paper is included in "A reference test for HVI strength measurements - implications for HVI testing", which is also included in these Proceedings.

Mots-clés : coton; propriété technologique; mesure; teneur en eau

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