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Studies on nutritional status - health - reproduction inter actions in tropical areas by CIRAD-EMVT and its partners

Guérin H., Lancelot R., Tillard E., Vall E., Ickowicz A., Grimaud P., Meyer C., Richard D., Delate J.J., Faye B.. 1998. In : Utrecht University. 9th Symposium tropical animal health and production. Ruminant nutrition in disease resistance and reproduction. s.l. : s.n., p. 19-24. Tropical Animal Health and Production Ruminant Nutrition in Disease Resistance and Reproduction. 9, 1998-11-27, Utrecht (Pays-Bas).

Variations in domestic animal nutrition are exacerbated in the tropics by the marked seasonal and annual changes in climates, rangelands and agricultural activities. Essential nutrient intake is below maintenance requirements for several months per year, and body reserves are insufficient for reproduction and defence against disease. Supplementing whole herds is technically effective but economically impracticable. Traditional practices and supplementation of targeted test animal groups also improve performance, but there are not enough biotechnical and economic references to make recommendations adapted to every situation. CIRAD-EMVT teams concentrate on and integrate feed resources and animal productivity in their work, with a view to more effective nutrition management

Mots-clés : bétail; État nutritionnel; santé animale; reproduction; ressource alimentaire pour animaux; production animale; institution de recherche; zone tropicale

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