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Management advice for farms in the Burkina Faso cotton zone, a new approach to extension services

Faure G., Kleene P., Ouédraogo S.. 1998. In : Rural livelihoods, empowerment and the environment, going beyond the farm boundary : AFSRE, 15th International symposium, 29 november - 4 December 1998, Pretoria, South Africa. East Lansing : AFSRE, p. 661-667. AFSRE International Symposium. 15, 1998-11-29/1998-12-04, Pretoria (Afrique du Sud).

Farmers in the Burkina Faso cotton zone require advice appropriate to the variety of situations that they encounter. A farm management advice method has accordingly been developed by research Institutions and extension services. It has been successfully introduced in some 30 villages within the framework of the national extension service. The target group consists of farmers who are able to read and write in the local language. They analyse the technical and economic performance of their farms with the help of an extension agent. This analysis leads to advice on equipment and stock, crop and livestock management. It also leads to technical innovations. Information and techniques are provided to all interested farmers in the village. It is sought to render farmers more responsible and to establish sustainable methods. The sustainability of the institutional framework is analyzed.

Mots-clés : gestion de l'exploitation agricole; développement agricole; vulgarisation; innovation; méthode; gossypium; burkina faso; conseil de gestion

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