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Soybean characteristics effect on tahu quality in small-scale processing units

Lançon F., Fardiaz D., Herlina L., Puspitasari N.L.. 1996. In : Buchanan A. Proceedings of the second international soybean processing and utilization conference. Rome : FAO, p. 177-182. International Soybean Processing and Utilization Conference, 1996-01-08/1996-01-13, Bangkok (Thaïlande).

A survey of tahu processors of different sizes in rural and urban areas evaluatedthe respective influence of soybean characteristics and processors' practices on tahuquality. Information was collected on the characteristics of the soybean processed and the tahu produced, processors' practices and the socio-economic environment in which they were operating. Soybean sample characteristics were measured as 7S/11S protein ratio while tahu quality was assessed through texture analysis. The quality of the tahu was affected more by variations in processing techniques than the characteristics of the soybean used.

Mots-clés : soja; produit à base de soja; technologie alimentaire; qualité; valeur nutritive; indonésie

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