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Mapping of the cocoa genome using biochemical and molecular markers

Lanaud C., Risterucci A.M., N'Goran J.A.K., Sounigo O., Clément D.. 1994. In : International Convention Centre. Seventeenth international congress of genetics : genetics and the understanding of life. Volume of abstracts. s.l. : s.n., p. 196-196. International Congress of Genetics. 17, 1993-08-15/1993-08-21, Birmingham (Royaume-Uni).

A map of the cocoa genome is being constructed using biochemical and molecular markers. A library of c-DNA probes was established using germinating beans from the clone lFC5 (Amelonado). After extraction techniques had been optimized, the selection of polymorphic probes from this library was made using a sample of six clones belonging to different genetic groups and, using five restriction enzymes, out of 162 probes tested, 45% of the probes were shown to be polymorphic for at least one restricting enzyme. EcoRI is the enzyme which showed the most polymorphic patterns. The selection and segregation of RAPD type markers were also studied; the primers used are from the OPERON kits. By using populations of the back-cross type for this mapping it was possible to construct a first map integrating RFLP markers, RAPD markers and enzyme markers.

Mots-clés : theobroma cacao; carte génétique; marqueur génétique

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