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Dewatering through immersion in sugar/salt concentrated solutions ("Osmotic dehydration") an interesting alternative for seafood stabilisation

Raoult-Wack A.L., Collignan A.. 1993. In : Development in food engineering. s.l. : ICEF, p. 394-396. International Congress on Engineering and Food. 6, 1993-05-23/1993-05-27, Chiba (Japon).

Partial dewatering of fish (cod and trout) and seaweed was achieved through soaking them in mixed concentrated solutions (sucrose/salt or corn syrup/salt). Influences of concentration and composition of the solution on water loss, sugar gain and salt gain kinetics were studied. An experimental design (Doehlert network) was used. This methodology allows to estimate sugar/salt interactions. Results show how the presence of sugar can enhance water loss and hinder salt entrance, which can be particularly interesting as an alternative to traditional processing (time duration reduction, salt entrance control). (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : séchage osmotique; immersion; solution; poisson (aliment); algae; cabillaud; truite; transfert de masse

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