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Current advances in clonal propagation methods of some indigenous timber species in Sabah (Malaysia)

Monteuuis O.. 1993. In : Davidson John. Proceedings of the regional symposium on recent advances in mass clonal multiplication trees for plantation programmes. Los Banos : UNDP; FAO, p. 168-193. (Field Document, 4). Regional Symposium on Recent Advances in Mass Clonal Multiplication Trees for Plantation Programmes, 1992-12-01/1992-12-08, Bogor (Indonésie).

Octomeles sumatrana, Anthocephalus chinensis and Endospermun peltatum are potentially very attractive light hardwood timber species for South-East Asia from which they originate. Owing to their characteristics, cloning seems obviously the best option for large-scale reforestation operations. The first experiments carried out established the possibility to restore within a short time period the original ability of the mature selected ortets to be true-to-type propagated through rooted cuttings, providing that suitable methods are used. In this respect, the serial vegetative propagation techniques tested proved to be quite efficient, leading from the second generation of stock plants to scores compatible with mass production of high fidelity cloned rooted cuttings. These results are discussed mostly a pragmatic point of view in terms of maturation and possible rejuvenation in relation to cloning.

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