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Changement d'échelle dans l'étude de l'impact de l'exploitation du bois d'oeuvre en forêt tropicale

Forni E., Mekok M.. 1997. In : Ministry of Forestry. Forestry for sustainable development : towards the 21'st century. Vol.3 : Productive functions of forests = La foresterie pour le développement durable vers le 21ème siècle. Vol.3 : Fonctions de production des forêts. Ankara : Ministry of Forestry, p. 204-204. Congrès forestier mondial. 11, 1997-10-13/1997-10-22, Antalya (Turquie).

This contribution presents the results obtained from an estimate of the damage caused by logging in a dense rain forest in East Cameroon. In this forest, industrial logging has been carried out over 7 500 hectares and all the features of strip roads, skidding, cropped saplings, yields and damage have been gathered in a data base managed by the Geographic Information System (SIG). In the light of the results of post-logging inventories, some proposals are made to make better use of planting stock, particularly a wide range of technical recommendations to reduce the damage caused by mobilization of wood resources.
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