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Long term storage of Khaya senegalensis seeds

Danthu P., Gaye A., Sarr A.. 1999. International Tree Crops Journal, 10 : p. 93-100.

Khaya senegalensis (Desr.) A. Juss. is an African mahogany species from dry tropical zones. The present study aims at defining the optimum storage conditions in order to retain the viability of seeds of this species in the long term. Monitoring has been going on for four years. Results show that the viability of seeds is retained for at least four years provided that they are highly dehydrated before storage and stored at a low temperature (which corresponds to the definition of orthodox seeds). The optimum values that make it possible to best retain the viability of K. senegalensis seeds correspond to a seed moisture content lowered by 5% or less (on a fresh weight basis) and to a storage temperature of about 5°C.

Mots-clés : khaya; germination; longévité des semences; moisissure; température; méthode d'optimisation; zone tropicale; afrique; sahel; sénégal

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