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Spatial localization of roots of Eucalyptus in a deep sandy in the Congo. Influence of water and nutrients uptake ability

Laclau J.P., Arnaud M., Bouillet J.P., Ranger J.. 1999. In : Université Poincaré. Dynamics of physiological processes in wood roots. Programme and abstracts. Nancy : Université poincaré, p. 49-49. Congrès international de botanique. 2, 1999-09-26/1999-09-30, Nancy (France).

Within the context of a study of biogeochemical cycles in a mature plantation of eucalypts (6.5 years old) in the Congo, a description of the spatial localization of the root system, by root impacts counting, was carried out during the dry season. The objective of the study was to assess the influence of the soil properties (physical and chemical), the sylvicultural practices and the distance to the nearest tree, on the distribution of roots and water and nutrients uptake ability

Mots-clés : physiologie de la nutrition; racine; eucalyptus; sol sableux; distribution spatiale; eau du sol; teneur en eau; saison sèche; propriété physicochimique du sol; méthode statistique; régime sylvicole; congo

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