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Deep-fat frying of fish at atmospheric pressure

De Verdelhan T., Collignan A., Raoult-Wack A.L.. 1999. Agricultural Engineering Journal, 8 (4) : p. 245-257.

Fish frying was investigated experimentally. An experimental design associated with a kinetic study was used to characterize the influence of frying time and temperature on mass transfer (water loss and fat gain) and color changes. Two types of fish (lean and fat) and plant oil (coconut and sunflower seed) were studied. Results showed that high water loss, 66% for trout and 79% for cod, could be obtained within less than seven minutes. Fat gains were much lower ranging from 4% to 17%. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : poisson (aliment); friture; cuisson; huile de coco; huile de tournesol; huile végétale; transfert de masse

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