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Molécules de type viroïde du cocotier

Muller E., Dollet M.. 1999. In : Fargette Denis (ed.), Peterschmitt Michel (ed.), Ferrer M. (ed.). LPRC. Rapport d'activités 1996-1998. Montpellier : CIRAD, p. 61-62.

Molecules of an unknown nature, called "viroid-like molecules" (VLM), have been detected by molecular hybridization with a CCCVd (Coconut Cadang Cadang Viroid) complementaty RNA probe in apparently healthy or weak looking palms without typical cadang-cadang symtoms (coconut palms, oil palms and other species of palms in most producing countries). Following the embargo on coconut germplasm exchanges, IPGRI urged CIRAD-CP to work in collaboration with WARI (Waite Agricultural Institute, Australia) and PCA (Philippine Coconut Authority, Philippines) on the viroid-like molecules, so as to determine whether these molecules were really a threat to coconut cultivation. While the samples previously studied were not available, other samples from the same area were analysed by molecular hybridization with a similar probe. None of those samples gave positive results and non-specific signals were obtained as soon as we changed the nature of the probe or the type of extraction protocol. Recognizing the necessity of resolving the issue of viroid-like molecules in coconut, ACIAR and IPGRI organized a workshop in Malaysia in April 1997. Considering the lack of conclusive results about VLM pathogenicity, the meeting concluded that the IPGRI Guidelines would require revision concerning the recommendation to index VLM in coconut germplasm.

Mots-clés : viroïde; cocos nucifera; identification; diagnostic précoce; pcr

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