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Quarantine co-ordination within the regional research program on fruit flies in Indian Ocean

Dupuis S., Jeuffrault E., Quilici S.. 1998. In : Dupuis S.; CIRAD. Programme régional de recherche appliquée sur les mouches des fruits.Rapport d'activité n. 6, second trimestre 1998 = [Applied regional program research on fruit fly. Progress report n.6, second quarter 1998]. Saint-Pierre : CIRAD, 5 p.. Symposium international sur les mouches des fruits d'importance economique. 5, 1998-06-01/1998-06-06, Penang (Malaisie).

A range species of fruit fly are already present in Mauritius, Reunion island and the Seychelles and each country is fighting against the similar pests but in an isolated manner. National results do exist but the problem is also regional and the recent introductions of the exotic flies Bactrocera dorsalis Hendel, and Bactrocera zonata Saunders, to the Indian Ocean region have highlighted the problems associated with fruit and other plant imports and the need for reinforcement of the prevention measures regarding phytosanitary controls. The Indian Ocean Regional Fruit Fly Research Programme (financed by the European Union, Convention N°7 ACP.RPR.400 ID REG (RIN) 7502 under the aegis of Indian Ocean Commission) started in 1997 to develop a co-ordinated activities among tree countries of the Indian Ocean. Various activities are undertaken, on the one hand to increase the knowledge and awareness about fruit flies and on the other, to improve control measures, strengthen surveillance and improve controls at frontiers against the risk of contamination by new species. Within this Regional Programme quarantine is being addressed. The main of this is the co-ordination of control procedures at frontiers, actions which aim at organising, in an optimal way, the fight against fruit flies to facilitate commercial exchange. Phytosanitary and quarantine activities are being conducted in collaboration with CIRAD-, SPV-, French Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Food, with the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine support (a project supervisor in Mauritius).

Mots-clés : culture fruitière; tephritidae; insecte déprédateur des fruits; quarantaine; diffusion de l'information; océan indien; maurice; réunion; seychelles; france; mouche des fruits

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