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Testing and adoption of technology : methods for coping with agricultural diversity in the moist savannas of Francophone Africa

Rebuffel P., Bigot Y., Bisson P.. 1995. In : Kang B.T. (ed.), Akobundu O.I. (ed.), Manyong V.M. (ed.), Carsky R.J. (ed.), Sanginga N. (ed.), Kueneman E.A. (ed.). Moist savannas of Africa : potentials and constraints for crop production. Ibadan : IITA, p. 205-212. IITA-FAO Workshop on Sustainable Cropping Systems for the Moist Savanna Zones, 1994-09-19/1994-09-23, Ibadan (Nigéria).

One of the constraints to the creation and diffiesion of new technok savanna zones in sub-Saharan Africa is the absence of strong links between effective technologies, geographical setting and the socioeconomic context. The diversity of the agricultural environment has been responsible for the failure of many development schemes as the same technologies cannot be appliedacross diverse agro-ecologic zones. Agronomists in CIRAD have used several methods to handle this diversity. The first part of this presentation covers the major factors in agricultural diversification in sub-saharian savanna zones. This is followed by a discussion of how diversity is handled at the regional, farm, cropping system and crop management level. The components of diversity have been analyzed and the major variables identified. This analysis has resulted in a categorization into zones where the patterns of diversity can be mapped and typologies, where it cannot be mapped.

Mots-clés : diffusion de la recherche; innovation; système de culture; diversification; zonage; typologie; système de production; afrique au sud du sahara

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