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Major threats to a protected grasshopper, Prionotropis hystrix rhodanica (Orthoptera, Pamphagida, Akicerinae), endemic to southern France

Foucart A., Lecoq M.. 1998. Journal of Insect Conservation, 2 : p. 187-193.

Prionotropis hystrix rhodanica Uvarov, 1923 is a protected grasshopper, endemic to the Crau plain area (a few thousand square kilometres), in southern France. It is restricted to a specific and very characteristic type of vegetation, locally called "coussou". This biotope is currently being increasingly fragmented. This subspecies could disappear in a few years as a consequence of the increase in agricultural areas and of industriel parks. It is necessary to adopt measures rapidly for ameliorating the loss of this biotope. It is of prime importance to stop the increase of new agricultural or industrial areas, to create nature reserves for maintaining areas of natural "coussou", particularly large fragments (more than 1000 ha) and to implement cultivated land remediation. Areas that are too small, too disturbed or too isolated will not be sufficient to ensure the survival of this brachypterous, highly sedentary and vulnerable grasshopper. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : espèce en danger; organisme indigène; acrididae; france; pamphagidae; prionotropis hystrix

Thématique : Ravageurs des plantes

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