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Shaping the "interior frontier" : french State and local government in the decentralisation process in New Caledonia

Djama M.. 1998. In : International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. 14. Pouembout : CIRAD-TERA, 16 p.. International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. 14, 1998-07-26/1998-08-01, Williamsburg (Etats-Unis).

After a brief presentation of the conceptual framework within which this analysis is situated, the first part of this text contains an historical summary of the political link between the central French State and the local administrations. In the second part, it's showed how this process of decentralisation set in motion in 1988 accentuates the 'interior frontier' which divides the Melanesian and European communities

Mots-clés : décentralisation; gouvernement; système politique; développement régional; organisation socioéconomique; structure sociale; groupe éthnique; projet de développement; nouvelle-calédonie; france; développement local

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