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Role of Bemisia tabaci in the red cotton disease in Cameroon

Nibouche S., De Chazeaux R.. 1998. In : Mayer R.T. (ed.), Maxwell D.P. (ed.). 2nd international workshop on Bemisia and geminiviral diseases. Program and abstracts = [Deuxième séminaire international sur les maladies à Bemisia et gemini virus. Programme et résumés]. s.l. : s.n., p. 19-19. International Workshop on Bemisia and Geminiviral Diseases. 2, 1998-06-07/1998-06-12, San Juan (Porto Rico).

The Red Cotton Disease ("Maladie des Cotonniers Rouges", or MCR, in French) is a disorder that has affected cotton in Northern Cameroon since 1990. The role of Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) in the development of this phenomenon has been investigated. In a field trial, methamidophos applications allowed a reduction of MCR symptoms. In field surveys, the MCR symptoms (dried out plants) showed significant correlations with the maximal nymph density of a few weeks before. Nymph counts made on leaves showing first symptoms of MCR (reddish areas on the limb) revealed that nymph density was significantly higher in reddish limb areas than in green limb areas.

Mots-clés : bemisia tabaci; gossypium; cameroun

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