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Comparison between comparative tuberculin and y-interferon tests for the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis in Ethiopia

Ameni G., Mshana R.N., Miorner H., Roger F., Tibbo M.. 1999. Journal of the Ethiopian Veterinary Association, 3 (1) : p. 46-59.

A study to determine and compare the sensitivities and specificities of comparative cervical tuberculin and gamma interferon tests for the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis was conducted on 30 zebu oxen. The results of the tests were compared with that of acid fast bacilli found by bacteriological culturing and histopathological examinations. The sensitivity and specificity of comparative cervical tuberculin test were found to be 90.9% and 99.9%, respectively. Those of commercial gamma interferon test were determined to be 95.5% and 87.7%, respectively. No significant differences were found between sensitivities (Yates' corrected X2 = 0.32; p = 0.57) and specificities (Yates' corrected X2 = 2.54; p = 0.11) of the two tests. Furthermore, strong positive correlation (r = 0.76) was recorded between change in skin thickness to bovine PPD injection and optical density in the bovine PPD interferon gamma assay. On the other hand, the correlation (r = 0.47) between change in skin thickness to injection of avian PPD and optical density in avian PPD interferon gamma assay was found to be relatively weaker. Therefore, on the basis of this preliminary investigation, it can be concluded that the choice between the two tests depends on the economic standard, livestock management system, simplicity and time factor rather than diagnostic value.

Mots-clés : tuberculose; bovin; diagnostic; zoonose; interféron; zébu; test biologique; densité; immunisation; Éthiopie

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