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Factors of variation of Amblyomma variegatum infestation on creole cattle in Guadeloupe

Naves M., Barré N., Fargetton M., Aprelon R., Sheikboudou C.. 1996. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 791 (791) : p. 445-451. Symposium on Vector-Borne Pathogens: Challenges for the 21st Century and International Trade and Animal Diseases. 3, 1995-05-08/1995-05-12, San José (Costa Rica).

DOI: 10.1111/j.1749-6632.1996.tb53553.x

The level of infestation of "Creole" beef cattle of Guadeloupe by the tick Amblyomma variegatum was recorded during a long-term survey in an experimental 61 steers and 83 cows were distributed in different lots according to sex and management. They grazed continuously either on irrigated Digitaria decumbens pastures or on dry native savannahs. Tick numbers as well as animal weights were registered monthly. Climatic data were also recorded. Different acaricide treatments were tested during the survey. But in order to minimize their effect in the data analysis, only tick counts over an average of 5 adult ticks per cattle were taken into account. The level of infestation is analyzed with respect to environmental factors (season, management) and individual factors (sex, weight, physiological stage, genetic effect).The effects of f these factors are discussed with regard to altemative tick-control methods, such as the selection of resistant hosts.

Mots-clés : amblyomma variegatum; bovin; enquête; facteur du milieu; contrôle de maladies; guadeloupe; france

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