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Modeling light-interception for a cotton population model

Jallas E., Sequeira R.A., Thanisawanyangkura S., Sinoquet H., Turner S., Crétenet M.. 1998. In : 2ème Conférence mondiale de la recherche cotonnière. Montpellier : CIRAD-CA, p. 1-6. Conférence Mondiale de la Recherche Cotonnière. 2, 1998-09-06/1998-09-12, Athènes (Grèce).

Light-interception by crops has been intensively studied since the early 1960s. Simple models of light interception for single plant, crop-rows, and for continuous canopy have been developed. More complex models, using crop geometry, have also been investigated and some of the studies tried to model plant competition. However, the majority of these light models have not been integrated with models of photosynthesis and plant growth. Since the beginning of the l 970s up to fifteen different models of cotton development have been proposed and published. Some of them have been proposed for management but none of these models integrate a light interception sub-model able to simulate light interception for competing plants. In this study we developed a new light model based on some of the main crop architectural and agronomic characteristics. This new model was integrated with the GOSSYM-COMAX decision support system, and it gives the same results for the conditions where the original model was valid. It is also able to simulate the effects of plant competition for light. The new model provides the foundation for a plant population model as an alternative to currently used average plant models.

Mots-clés : gossypium; lumière; modèle; photosynthèse

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