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Effets de la litière et du travail du sol sur la fertilité des sols sableux sous Eucalyptus de replantation au Congo

Nzila J.D.D., Bouillet J.P., Hamel O.. 1998. In : Congrès mondial des sciences du sol. Montpellier : CIRAD, p. 1-8. Congrès Mondial de Science du Sol. 16, 1998-08-20/1998-08-26, Montpellier (France).

In the Congo, about 43,000 ha Eucalyptus hybrids have been planted in the Kouilou savannah since 1978. This has been done on higly desatured ferrallitic, sandy and chemically very poor soils. An area of 1,000 ha have been already replanted and this area will highly increase in the next future. The replanting leads to new silvicultural issues. After harvesting a stand is characterized by interrows with slash residues (SI), interrows where logs are stocked (LI) and unloading interrows (UI). This heterogeneousness has to be managed for replanting i.e. slash hampers, the soil preparation of SI and the compaction of UI is suspected to limit tree growth. A trial was therefore established to test crossed effects of litter management (control, burning, litter burried with a disc harrow) and site preparation (pitting, subsoiling using 1 tine, subsoiling using 3 tines). After 11 months the results are follows : (1) The best treatment is "burning + subsoiling using 3 tine"; compared to the control treatment the gain is more than 1 meter in height (6.64 m vs 5.43 m) and 3.5 cm in girth (18.57 cm vs 14.94 cm); (2) The interaction "litter management"*"site preparation" is not significant; (3) The mains effect "burning" and "subsoiling using 3 tines" are significantly better

Mots-clés : eucalyptus; eucalyptus tereticornis; eucalyptus grandis; replantation; hybride; croissance; litière forestière; sous solage; fertilité du sol; sol sableux; congo

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