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Study on the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis in dairy farms (Debre Zeit and Zeway, Ethiopia)

Chimdi G.A., Roger F.. 1998. In : Proceedings of the 12th conference. Addis-Ababa : EVA, p. 13-19. Ethiopian Veterinary Association Conference. 12, 1998-06, Addis Abeba (Ethiopie).

An average prevalence of 50% was recorded by tuberculin testing of 486 dairy animals in five dairy farms. The effect of management system and genetic factor on prevalence was studied and the result indicated that the difference in prevalence rate between pure Holstein, and their crosses with zebu was highly significant (p<0.001, chi2=32.2, df=2). Furthermore, significant difference (p<0.05, chi2 = 7.6, df=2) in prevalence rate between poor and good management systems was recorded. Stratified analysis of breed and management as co-occurring factors revealed that the difference in prevalence rate between the two breeds is highly significant (p<0.001, odds ratio=0.09, exposure = poor management) in farms under poor management but insignificant (p>0.05, chi2=1.20) in those under good management. The study has also disclosed that skin reaction to tuberculin is directly influenced (r2=0.96) by body condition of study animals.

Mots-clés : bovin; tuberculose; mycoplasma bovis; enquête pathologique; Épidémiologie; exploitation laitière; Éthiopie

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