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Towards a saturated sorghum map using RFLP and AFLP markers

Boivin K., Deu M., Rami J.F., Trouche G., Hamon P.. 1999. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 98 : p. 320-328.

DOI: 10.1007/s001220051076

A near-saturated sorghum genetic linkage map was produced using RFLP, AFLP and morphological markers. First a composite, essentially RFLP based genetic linkage map was obtained from analyses of two recombinant inbred populations. This map includes 343 loci for 11 linkage groups spanning 1352 cM. Since this map was constructed with many previously mapped heterologous probes, it offers a good basis for synteny studies. Separately, an AFLP map was obtained from the analysis of 168 bands revealed from 12 primer pair combinations. It includes 137 loci for 11 linkage groups spanning 849 cM. Taking into account the different data sets, we constructed a combined genetic linkage map including 443 loci spanning 1899 cM. Two main features are to be noted: (1) the distribution of AFLPs along the genome is not uniform; (2) an important stretching of the former core map is induced after adding the AFLPs.

Mots-clés : sorghum; carte génétique; rflp; génome; aflp

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