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Survey of sugarcane yellow leaf syndrome in Reunion Island

Rassaby L., Girard J.C., Irey M.S., Lockhart B.E.L., Rott P.. 1999. Sugar Cane International, 17 (5) : p. 16-18.

A survey was conducted to analyse the distribution of Sugarcane Yellow Leaf Virus (ScYLV) in Réunion. A total of 2100 samples were collected from six locations throughout the island. The pathogen appeared to be widespread throughout Réunion in three commercial varieties and infection rate varied between 10 and 100% according to the variety and location. The lowest infection rate was noted for cultivar R570, and cultivar R575 was the most heavily infected. R579 showed an intermediate infection rate. The presence of symptoms was associated with the presence of ScYLV most of the time, but a fairly large proportion of infected leaves were asymptomatic.

Mots-clés : saccharum; maladie des plantes; virus des végétaux; Échantillonnage; symptome; infection; variété; distribution géographique; réunion; france; sugarcane yellow leaf virus

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