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Microsatellite DNA markers reveal genetic differentiation among populations of Glossina palpalis gambiensis collected in the agro-pastoral zone of Sideradougou, Burkina Faso

Solano P., De La Rocque S., De Meeus T., Cuny G., Duvallet G., Cuisance D.. 2000. Insect Molecular Biology, 9 (4) : p. 433-439.

DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2583.2000.00205.x

Intraspecific genetic variability of Glossina palpalis gambiensis In the area of Sideradougou, Burkina Faso, was studied using polymorphic microsatellite DNA markers. This genetic study was combined with other epidemiological Information on the same tsetse: bloodmeal Identification, dissection of tsetse and molecular characterization of the trypanosomes detected. There significant genetic differentiation among flies caught only a few kilometers apart, within the same riverine habitat. These distinct subpopulations were also differentially infected by trypanosomes. In part of the study area, a Factorial Correspondence Analysis undertaken on the genotypes allowed us to detect a Wahlund effect, suggesting the presence of tsetse originating from different source populations coming from two distinct drainage systems. The apparent structuring of populations of G. palpalis gambiensis Is discussed relative to appropriate strategies to control African Trypanosomosis.

Mots-clés : Épidémiologie; glossina palpalis; microsatellite; génétique des populations; trypanosomose; burkina faso

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