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Evaluation and use of the genetic diversity present in the International Cocoa Genebank (ICG,T) in Trinidad

Sounigo O., Christopher Y., Ramdahin S., Umaharan R., Sankar A.. 2000. In : Proceedings of the international workshop on the new technologies and cocoa breeding: abstracts. Reading : INGENIC, p. 10-10. International Workshop on New Technologies and Cocoa Breeding. 3, 2000-10-16/2000-10-17, Kota Kinabalu (Malaisie).

The genetic diversity is currently assessed in the ICG,T, using Isozyme Electrophoresis and RAPID. The informations obtained from this assessment are used for developping a strategy to establish a "working collection". Proposals are made to integrate the results of this assessment into cocoa breeding strategies.

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