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Eucalypt hybrids breeding in Congo

Vigneron P., Bouvet J.M., Gouma R., Saya A.R., Gion J.M., Verhaegen D.. 2000. In : Hybrid breeding and genetics of forest trees : QFRI-CRS Symposium, Noosa, Queensland, Australia, 9-14 april 2000 ; Dungey H.S., Dieters M.J., Nikles D.G. ; Department of Primary Insdustries. Brisbane : s.n., p. 14-26. QFRI-CRC Symposium, 2000-04-09/2000-04-14, Queensland (Australie).

Due to severe environmental constraints, pure Eucalyptus species are not suitable for industrial plantations in Congo. Nevertheless, good yield can be achieved using hybrids such as E. urophylla x E. grandis. In the framework of a Reciprocal Recurrent Scheme, factorial mating designs were established, totalizing 218 parents and 825 hybrid full-sib families. More than one thousand clones are tested for further clonal plantations. This paper reports the main results obtained from these progenies and clonal tests both in terra of operational selection and genetic knowledge of hybrid behaviour. Trials aiming to analyse environmental effects on heritability and juvenile x mature correlations are presented and discussed to explore the way to reduce time and cost of the breeding cycle. Finally, lightened by recent results, a future Markers Assisted Selection is discussed.

Mots-clés : eucalyptus urophylla; eucalyptus grandis; hybride; sélection; facteur du milieu; amélioration des plantes; hybridation; congo

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