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Agricultural diversification project Vietnam. Technical support for identification of a research programme of on-farm experimentation for rubber smallholder in coastal areas in central Vietnam : mission from 19th to 31st october 2000

Penot E.. 2000. Montpellier : CIRAD-TERA, 79 p.. numero_rapport: CIRAD-TERA N° 85/00 ; THI N° 56/00.

This mission of technical support has been implemented within the frame of ADP project, according to, scientific programming of year 2000, in support to the socio-economic component of adaptive research programme for rubber smallholders in collaboration with RRIV (Rubber Research Institute of Vietnam). The Agricultural Diversification Project (ADP) aims to promote i) crops diversification (in particular through development of rubber in selected areas: highlands and coastal areas) and ii) increase of rural incomes through land allocation, long term loans, institutional strengthening and technical support with smallholder rubber cultivation. There is an smallholder rubber research programme which is implemented by RRIV with the scientific support from CIRAD. This research comportent presents three strategies : i) a basic research in controlled areas, ii) an adaptive research under smallholder conditions and iii) a participatory research linked with farmer's socio-economic environment, in order to understand the conditions of technology adoption and innovation process. Beside implementation of ADP diagnosis phase that should be done in 2001, it seems important to initiate on-farm research activities in the most dynamic provinces in coastal areas to be able to propose as soon as possible adapted technical recommendations to ADP for larger development of rubber in these areas. These activities will also enable RRIV to strengthen its capability in on-farm trials implementation and in farming system understanding. The activities and methodologies proposed in this report are strictly related to on-farm experimentation. The overall objective of the mission is to initiate this programme of on-farms trials (OFT) of ADP research component in coastal provinces and the small farming system research (FSR) linked with OFT network based on small farming systems surveys (FSS). The second major objective was to present the OFT methodology to RRIV researchers. The main outputs of the reports are the following : an analysis of field visits, a presentation of the OFT/FSS methodology, a preliminary programme of OFT protocols and FSS. The fields visits concerns mainly the Chu Prong station in Pleiku (highlands) and the 3 coastal provinces of Hué, Quang Tri and Quang Binh. The main conclusions from the fields visit concerns: the planning and availability of rubber planting material, the need for technical guidelines, inter-cropping patterns, exploitation and tapping techniques, fertilisation on rehabilitated plots, land certificate and use of ADP credit. A programme of activities has been proposed and is only indicative. It will depend on available resources, climatic constraints and organisation of activities. The survey and visit to the fields in the 3 coastal provinces have shown that there is a current dynamic in rubber planting compared to the situation in highlands. The challenge is to link as soon as possible farmers' settlement with research topics in a context of land intensification and adaptation of land preparation and cropping systems to fragile soils where erosion and soil fertility are key problems....

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