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Major agronomic results of rubber agroforestry systems on-farm experimentation network in East Pasaman (West-Sumatra, Indonesia)

Boutin D., Penot E., Lubis R., Kramer E.. 2000. In : GTZ; ProRLK. Lokakarya "Kajian and Sosialisais Pengalaman ProRLK bersamaMitra Kerja Pendukung". Montpellier : CIRAD-TERA, 9 p.. numero_rapport: CIRAD-TERA N° 104/00 ; THI N° 71/00. GTZ / ProRLK Seminar, 2000-11-24/2000-11-25, Bukit Tinggi (Indonésie).

The paper presents agronomic results from on-farm experimentation on Rubber Agroforestry Systems (RAS) that have been introduced in 1995 in West Sumatra with the help and support of the GTZ/Pro-RLK development project and associated local institutions. 3 trials of RAS 2.2 type have been implemented in the village of Bangkok, in the eastern part of district of Pasaman, (Province of West Sumatra, Indonesia). The area is very critical with steep staples, very poor soils and presence of Temperate cylindrica. The village is very isolated but highly motivated to rehabilitate Imperata invaded fields using agroforestry rubber cropping systems developed and experimented through participatory approach by the Smallholder Rubber Agroforestry Project (SRAP), a research programme from CIRAD-ICRAF-GAPKINDO-IRRI..

Mots-clés : hevea brasiliensis; agroforesterie; petite exploitation agricole; pratique culturale; fertilisation; expérimentation au champ; culture en mélange; indonésie; sumatra

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