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Agronomic assessment of wild cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao L.) from the Camopi and Tanpok basins (French Guiana)

Lachenaud P., Oliver G., Letourmy P.. 2000. Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter (124) : p. 1-6.

A study was made of around 1600 indi­vidual cocoa trees (Theobromn cacao L.) representing 144 open-pollinated prog­enies and 11 wild populations identified in two river basins of French Guiana, based on the following selection criteria: juvenile growth (or vigour), adult vigour, the yield:vigour ratio, earliness of production, yield, average pod weight and losses due to rot in the field. Obser­vations were carried out at CIRAD's Sinnamary station in French Guiana over a total of 10 years. The analysis of vari­ance carried out on the seven most nu­merous populations (amounting to 97% of the individuals) revealed population and/ or progeny effects for all the crite­ria. It is proposed that the study material be incorporated into genetic improve­ment programmes, particularly for yield, the yield:vigour ratio and performance in the field with respect to rot diseases. To that end, practical indications are given to breeders for choosing from the populations and progenies.

Mots-clés : phytophthora; résistance aux maladies; productivité; vigueur; croissance; caractère agronomique; caractéristique du peuplement; amélioration des plantes; critère de sélection; variété indigène; plante sauvage; theobroma cacao; guyane française

Thématique : Génétique et amélioration des plantes; Culture des plantes; Maladies des plantes

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