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Influence of torrefaction process on wood dimensional stability and mechanical performance

Permadi P., Thémelin A., Girard P., Mouras S.. 1998. In : Fioravanti, M. (ed.); Uzielli, L. (ed.). Workshop on Mechanical performance of non-standard wood : COST Action 98, Florence, Italy, May 11-12 1998. Florence : IATF, 8 p.. Workshop on Mechanical Performance of Non-Standard Wood, 1998-05-11/1998-05-12, Florence (Italie).

The influence of torrefaction on some physical and mechanical properties of eucalyptus wood was studied. In this study, three different final temperatures, 220°C, 230°C and 240°C for one hour residence time have been applied on 2.5 x 10 x 120 cm eucalyptus board and 1 mm thick veneer. The results show that these processes decrease hygroscopicity and can improve the dimensional stability of wood. On the other hand its mechanical properties decreased. The final temperature is an important factor affecting those properties. The test on durability is still in progress and it seems this process can be developed to improve wood quality.
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