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Construction of a genetic map of the genome of the banana (Musa acuminata)

Fauré S., Gonzalez De Léon D., Horry J.P., Lanaud C.. 1992. In : Complexes d'espèces, flux de génes et ressources génétiques des plantes. Paris : BRG, p. 553-553. Colloque international "Complexes d'espèces, flux de gènes et ressources génétiques des plantes", 1992-01-08/1992-01-10, Paris (France).

As part of CIRAD's breeding effort, RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) analyses have been initiated in the bananas. One of our major aims was the construction of a genetic map of the Musa acuminata genome. A provisional linkage map was generated from F2 segregation data (82 individuals) from a cross between a diploid banana cultivar and a wild clone. Using 2 restriction enzymes, 50% of the probes of two homologous nuclear libraries revealed polymorphism between the two parental clones. So far, the map comprises 27 RFLP loci and 5 isozyme loci. This map is now being extended up to about 130 markers. It will be used to mark important agronomic traits such as the resistance to Mycosphaerella fijiensis, causal agent of Black Leaf Streak. In a second phase, two additional maps will be constructed from two segregating populations belonging to groups having different putative structural arrangements. This will provide a basis for the manipulation of sterility in breeding programs using wild and cultivated diploid materials, as well as new insights into the evolution of the banana genome.
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