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Evaluation of concentrated orange and passionfruit juices prepared by osmotic evaporation

Shaw P.E., Lebrun M., Ducamp M.N., Courel M., Reynes M., Dornier M.. 2001. Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft und Technologie - Food Science and Technology, 34 (2) : p. 60-65.

DOI: 10.1006/fstl.2000.0715

A pilot scale process involving microfiltration followed by osmotic evaporation was used to prepare concentrated orange and passion fruit juices. Both juices were concentrated 3-fold to 33.5 and 43.5 °Brix, respectively. Quantitative headspace gas chromatographic analysis of 20-35 volatile components showed a loss of about 32% of the volatile components in orange and about 39% in passion fruit juices. For both orange and passion fruit, sensory evaluations using triangle difference tests showed a significant difference between the initial juice and the reconstituted concentrate. In orange juice, a trained taste panel was used to evaluate six specific flavour characteristics in the two juices. The characteristics evaluated were green, fresh orange, fruity/floral, peel oil, cooked/processed and terpene. There were no significant differences found by the panel between the juices in any one characteristic, but the average flavour score for each characteristic was slightly lower in juice from concentrate that in the initial juice. This study demonstrates the feasibility of using osmotic evaporation combined with microfiltration to prepare concentrated orange and passion fruit juices of intermediate concentration degree with high flavour quality.

Mots-clés : jus de fruits; grenadille; jus d'orange; concentration; Évaporation; citrus sinensis; passiflora edulis; analyse organoleptique; membrane; chromatographie en phase gazeuse

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