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Guide to sheltered vegetable cultivation in the humid tropics

Langlais C., Ryckewaert P., Burford H.. 2001. Montpellier : CIRAD, 91 p..

This guide is primarily intended for agricultural technicians. It recounts research conducted by CIRAD in Martinique on sheltered vegetable farming systems, the results of which are supplemented by information obtained during numerous study missions in both the Caribbean and Africa. Part I describes the criteria for choosing shelters in the Tropics, ways of maintaining soil fertility, irrigation techniques for use with soil, ferti-irrigation techniques for hydroponics, and the main principles of integrated pest management. Part II gives the broad outlines of the crop management sequences for each crop: choice of varieties, cycle length, expected yields, water requirements at different growth stages, and the main pests and diseases. Colour plates are included to help with pest identification, while the annexes contain lists of the main products used for integrated pest management, with recommendations for their use (dose, time lapse before harvesting, crops for which the product is approved in France).

Mots-clés : culture maraîchère; culture sous abri; zone tropicale; zone humide; pratique culturale; fertilité du sol; irrigation; irrigation fertilisante; lutte intégrée; variété; contrôle de maladies; culture sans sol; pépinière; substrat de culture; martinique; caraïbes; afrique; france

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