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Assistance to the collaborative program on the participatory irrigation management in HVIP (Hadejia Valley Irrigation Project), Nigeria. Farming system analysis in the irrigated area : Trip report from 10th to 25th of june 2001

Faure G.. 2001. Montpellier : CIRAD-TERA, 38 p.. numero_rapport: CIRAD-TERA N° 52-01.

In relationship with NAERLS (National Agricultural Extension Research and Liaison Service) a methodology has been set up for analysing the farmers' strategies (sampling, questionnaire, data analysis). This methodology is based on a qualitative approach, which gives further information related to the cropping systems managed by the farmers. The first surveys conducted on the field partially explain why the farmers do not cultivate a large part of the irrigated area during the dry season (absentee farmers, priorities given to the fadama areas...). In relationship with the French embassy a project has been identified dealing with farming system improvement. The project aims to strengthen the farmers' organisations capacities for promoting and managing better access to services (inputs, credit, processing, marketing...). An experimental approach will be tested in some pilot sites in the irrigated area, cotton zone, groundnut zone and fadama area. Some studies dealing with farming system analysis and economic setting will be carried out. The results will be used to launch a national debate on role of the farmers' organisations in the rural development sector.

Mots-clés : irrigation; gestion des eaux; groupe d'intérêt; système de production; nigéria; stratégie paysanne

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