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Modelling the emergence of resource-sharing conventions : an agent-based approach

Thébaud O., Locatelli B.. 2001. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 4 (2).

This paper presents an agent-based simulation framework for the analysis of the emergence of resource-sharing conventions. The model is based on Sugden's article entitled "Spontaneous order", which looks at the conditions under which conventions regarding access to a natural resource become established. The aim of the model is to explore the potential of agent-based modelling for the analysis of these questions. First, the structure of a simulation model based on the example of driftwood collection used by Sugden is presented. Second, simulations of various scenarios about the behavioural rules followed by agents are described, and simulation results are presented. The paper concludes with a brief discussion of the advantages of agent-based models for analysing social processes such as the emergence of conventions regulating access to natural resources.

Mots-clés : ressource naturelle; réglementation; législation; modèle; utilisation

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