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Review of the 2000/2001 citrus season : Paradoxical performance

Imbert E.. 2001. Fruitrop (English ed.) (84) : p. 2-5.

Prices during the 2000/2001 season can be considered to have been excellent for all the main citrus fruits. A fairly significant decrease in overall potential in comparison with 1999-2000 and the average for the past five seasons goes a long way towards accounting for this performance. The context of a market somewhat short of 'basic' fruits (apples, bananas, etc.) is certainly another factor. Nevertheless, paradoxically, the citrus sectors in some countries have been weakened by the past season. Indeed, the higher prices were far from making up for the particularly marked decrease in the volumes exported by Morocco, Israel and Cyprus (- 30% approximately in comparison with the average for the preceding five seasons).

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