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Relationship between seed coat fragment content and yarn strength depending on the range of fiber quality

Krifa M., Bachelier B., Frydrych R., Gourlot J.P., Giner M.. 2001. In : 01/2001. vol.2 / National Cotton Council of America; The Cotton Foundation. Proceedings of the Beltwide cotton conference, United States, 10-12. Memphis : NCC, p. 1279-1281. Beltwide Cotton Conferences, 2001-01-09/2001-01-13, Anaheim (Etats-Unis).

The hypothesis that fiber quality and the presence of seed coat fragments are related is put forward to explain the variability noted in yarn strength and was tested by selecting cottons from a population and evaluating their technological characteristics. Two cotton groups could be differentiated (so-called "good" and "poor" qualities) for ring-spun 20 text yarn. The results obtained show that the higher the quality of the fibers, the more pronounced the negative impact of SCF on yarn structure.

Mots-clés : coton; qualité technologique; propriété technologique

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